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New Galaxy Enterprises is devoted to help bring your media vision into real tangible existence through the critical component of content development and promotion. Whether a screenplay, a product sales platform, a non-fiction book or novel or a broadcasting project, New Galaxy Enterprises will customize its content to your vision, enhance it to a high-charged creative and professional level and then help you find the best to package and promote it.

New Galaxy offers both client-based services and collaboration arrangements to bring your vision to life. For investors who wish to participate in helping develop products originating from New Galaxy, often significantly developed, there are also collaborative arrangements offering unique opportunities to for those interested to participate in the development and distribution of original media products.

In order to effectively serve our clients and investors, we look carefully at each client’s projects and try to use our insight and experience to perfect their vision. To this end, we try to view our clients, at the outset, as significant producers or artists who wants to work with a creative collaborator and marketer to help them build their project the way they envision it. This requires a disciplined commitment to selflessness and empathy, which we think is reflected in our many beneficial outcomes and satisfied clients.

We only take projects we believe in.