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Johnny Blue Star
CEO, New Galaxy Enterprise

About New Galaxy Enterprises

Johnny Blue Star is uniquely qualified to handle an enterprise on the scale of New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc., a media company original developed to create business, literary, cinematic and musical content, but now expanding to promote and develop scenarios and contacts for real world distribution.

Besides being qualified and uniquely experienced, he is a bit of a rebel, tired of experiencing the closed doors and obstacles he has encountered with an out-of-control oligarchical star system, affecting all sectors of society, not just Hollywood. He believes that ‘leveling the playing field’ is happening, especially through the Internet and Social Media, but much of the ‘progress’ is deceptive. There is still there is a long distance to go.

To this end, he has designed New Galaxy with the understanding that whether you are an author, a screenwriter, a composer or songwriter or have a product or service company, you need to have a platform, a media platform that will promote you outside of any outside organization, whether a publisher, a production company, a record company or a major distributor. Johnny’s creative efforts have led him to produce and host various talk shows and dramatic radio series, write many original proprietary and collaborative screenplays and books, work on all kinds of advertising and public relations components for projects and create website, social media and autoresponder content.

Right now, he has launched the beginning of two major film and book franchise projects, the Thrice Born with Carlos Lopez Avery, a science fiction supernatural novel and Boots in Manhattan, a war and espionage novel with Ray Boylan, a former Korean War Veteran and career crime fighter. His fictional book with Ray Boylan followed several years of helping edit his exciting memoir, West Side Warrior. His new radio program, Threshold, will be opening on September 6th.