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Hasan Khan
Hasan KhanMultimedia and Web Specialist
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Md. Shariful Hasan Khan is an highly skilled media and communications specialist with more than 6 years of experience in the field of Post production of multimedia, Photography/Photo editing, Web/Graphic design, and Audio mastering. What distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise is that he treats multimedia not as entertainment but also the important part of visual beauty. It’s simple to explain why: if it isn’t funny or relevant enough, people switch the contractor. Hasan has a special interest in personal branding and he believes the road to success is trying. He has good some marketplace’s account at Upwork, elance, and PeoplePerHour with outstanding feedback score and testimonials. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Masters Degree in Soil Science from bangladesh agricultural University.

Promo/ intro video
Short Film
Music video
Slideshow Video
Corporate video

After Effect template Customization
Logo intro or Logo reveal
Dynamic Lyrical Music Video
Elegant Photo Slide Show
Green Screen/Chroma Key video
Motion Graphics

Installing WordPress into Host Server
WP Theme Customization
Plugin Installation/Customization
eCommerce Website
Personal/Portfolio Website
Agency Website
Corporate Website

Podcast editing/Setting Up
Voiceover Editing
Sound FX Manipulation
Audio Mixing and Mastering
Noise Reduction
Audio Restoration
Music Compilation
Radio Show Recording

Photo Manipulation
Color Correction
Color Grading
Print Ready
HRD Photo Manipulation
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What makes a story, an article, a press release- or a multitude of other forms of media content- really powerful?  Julia believes it’s not only a matter of professional approach, good writing skills or creativity. For this girl, text generation is always more than just making up characters or research.

Julia takes story production as the process of putting life lessons well learned into something meaningful. She puts this same attitude- of personalizing and customizing every type of writing- so that its impact has purpose and meaning, drawing on her life experience, her understanding of her client’s wishes and her study of the form and function of a myriad of media.

Even for an assiduous reader, a good text is only a theoretical lesson. But for a scrupulous writer, it’s a very practical and psychological workout to bump against their own and the world’s stereotypes and routine. As a writer, you fight against your own inertia to stay in a convenient, easy comfort zone, striving instead for a kind of perfection. It is often challenging and tough to do this. It is a battle that you do in solitude, can make you feel a lot of despair and misery when you are especially challenged. And during this time, you are  fighting with yourself, all alone.”

“If so painful, why do it?”  says a bug-eyed reader.

“Because I have a sense of mission about my writing. It’s what I truly want to do. And when a desire to create, perform or demonstrate comes from the heart, it’s addictive. I am a writer out of choice, out of love for my chosen profession,” Julia answers.

Indeed, honest writing is a very hard job to do, but it’s habit-forming because after every fight with your body and soul you grow stronger. You learn. You change. You become better as a person…


Start working with Julia on your website, non-fiction book, social media content, blog entry or an article and get vigorous in every aspect of your business!

Julia Suhomlinova
Julia SuhomlinovaMedia Content Developer
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Robert Zailo
Robert ZailoGraphic Designer
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Zailo has worked as an artist in the fields ranging from comic books, storyboards, gaming and magazine illustration, advertising, logos and product design. His very first independent comic book was called Rabid Rachel but the final issues were never published.  The very first storyboard that he did was for a tv commercial.

Zailo also spent a few years working as a scenic painter, working on signs and dimensional projects for clients such as FAO Schwartz, Knots Berry Farm, Disneyland,  Disneyland Tokyo and Staples Center. Zailo can be commissioned to do any artwork through this website.  In addition, he currently teaches art in the following disciplines; cartoons, comic book, illustration, water color and martial arts.
He attends comic book, anime, and gaming shows regularly, and is happy to do commissions for fans at shows like San Diego Comic Con, LA Anime Expo, Wizard Shows, etc.  Clients have included AUFA, Dernworks, Aggressive Comics, Forcewerks, High Octane Theatre, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Adelphia Media, Haven Talent, Radarlock Games, Star Kreative Advertising, and on and on.

Book Covers
Comic Books
Comic Book Inks
Commissioned Art
Gaming Illustration

Jerome’s Furniture
Lapband Weight Loss “Kids spot”
Radiostar Storyboards
Time Warner “western spot”
Toyota Commercial Storyboards

Production Art
Web Art

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Edgar Arens is a Russian composer living in Moscow. He was born in 1976 to a family of performers. His father was an actor in the theatre and his mother was an accomplished singer, with a wide repertory of varying syles, including Opera, Classical, Russian Romantic and Ukranian Folk Music. Owing to his family’s involvement in the fine arts, he had the privilege of meeting well-known Russian composers Oscar Feltsman and Mark Fradkin, who played their music on the piano while his mother sang their new songs at home. Surrounded by a rich musical environment at such a young age, he became like a sponge, absorbing many different styles of songs and instrumental compositions. He began playing the piano when he was four years old and started to compose only two years later. Although he never studied formally, he is a highly accomplished composer and musician.

When he fourteen, his mother became deathly ill, but a miracle saved her life. After her recovery, she became extremely religious and now serves as a pastor. For many years, Edgar played keyboards in various churches throughout Moscow and different areas in the old Soviet Union. Around thirteen years ago, he became struck by great Hollywood soundtracks and started to work in this direction as well. His favorite musicians were Ronald Stein, Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Dario Marianelli, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Thomas Newman, Howard Shore, James Horner, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell, Trevor Rabin and others, virtually every composer in the film industry. Their music challenged him, distracted him and forced him in a certain definite musical direction.

In order to practice creating original musical scores, Edgar began by taking major films and composing short pieces that precisely fit into the action on the screen, very much like a professional film composer would do. Later on, he experimented with original animation pieces, posting these and other tracks on YouTube, Last FM and on Sound Cloud. These experiments were quite successful. After a time, it was obvious that Edgar had attracted a fanbase of regular listeners, who came back often to listen to his newer music again and again.

In addition to his love of these film composers, Edgar was simultaneously drawn to popular music, but wished to add a certain musical depth to contemporary music, rich in various genres, but often musically and lyrically shallow. When he began to work with Johnny Blue Star, an American lyricist, he became enchanted with the possibilities for future collaborations. Their first song was “Christmas In Your Eyes,” now featured on its own website. They have currently have written fifteen or so songs together, in a wide range of styles. They are now working on a musical called, Hadleigh’s Castle. The title is named after na English ruins, dramatically rendered in a famous 19th Century painting by John Constable. Edgar and Johnny created a song with the same title, about a lover’s rendevous in this memorable, desolate landscape.

Recently, Edgar was selected to be the lead composer in the Russian mini-series, “Memoirs of A Secret Agent.” an elaborate period piece set in the 18th Century. Season I, consisting of eight episodes, was aired on Inter-TV in the Ukraine, beginning on May 24th in 2011. Part II has not yet aired, but both Season I and II are currently available on DVD in the Russian Language version online and in many video stores in the Russian Federation. Season II I was more of a detective story, but Season II was more of an action/adventure featuring remote locations like London, Boston and nearby forest areas in Massachusettes.

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Edgar Arens
Edgar ArensComposer, Sound Producer, Film Composer
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